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    Hugh lab is a private french dessert cafe located in Taipei, Taiwan. 
    Serving the petit four, small bite-sized french dessert, and the cake for online ordering. 
    The restaurant opens on the weekend for reservation-only, serving afternoon sets.

    起源自古老的德國,有著靈魂、精神、智力的含義,同時也取名自主廚中文名字裡的最後一字 - 修。

    平日開放 petit four 盒裝法式小點、整模蛋糕預訂,週末將會採訂位制度的盤飾甜點套餐內用,打造新型態午茶私廚模式。

    餐廳位於 台北市大同區蘭州街60號4樓

    Photographer/  Tzuyin Chiu

    Focus/ Branding, Logo design, Packaging design, Environmental design

    The logo design concept was inspired by the decoration line art on the french dessert, and the combination with character H
    The overall art direction was to create the spiritual and poetic vibe to offer the artistic dessert an elegant stage to bloom.
    The Chinese copy designed to type vertically represent the same format of Chinese poetry. As in the menu design which begin with the title in double angle quotation mark and end with the year and season.

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