PGO — New Visual Identity

  • PGO — New Visual Identity

    PGO is a leading organization in the field of postgraduate university education in dentistry, and they wanted to carry out the redesign of the company's visual identity. They needed a solid identity, which would contribute to the company's trajectory and inspire confidence in potential customers and other partners and stakeholders.

    When we considered the visual identity of PGO (Postgrado en Odontología) the first thing that caught our attention was the "urgency". A national and international reference in its sector needed a brand identity that rised to the challenge.

  • Our goal was to build a new visual identity that helps the positioning of the brand and reinforces the prestige and reliability of the current organizational structure with international projection.
  • Our proposal: More institutional”. We proposed an identity somewhat more similar to those of large institutions or universities, to try to get away from the concept of "business".

    We're thinking about the best way to make some direct allusion to dentistry and incorporate it into the identity. After conducting an investigation seeking references, we rule out using any of the most common in the sector (tooth, clinic instruments, etc.) because they are very vulgar in their application. Finally, we came up with a concept that fit perfectly: the rod of Asclepius and the triangle.

    We're inspired by the coats of arms and the rules of heraldic design to “tell” our own story through our institutional emblem. But without forgetting to give a more modern touch to the brand identity.

  • Agency/Studio:  Tanto
    Art Direction and Graphic Design:  Julio Liarte

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