IFPRI: 2017 A4NH Annual Report

  • 2017 Report and promotion for¬†International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) / Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH).
  • The first year that the A4NH annual report went from a 24-page, letter-sized, report to a smaller format. At 7x10" and 16 pages, the smaller report was enhanced with expanded web-only pages accessed by QR codes.
  • Sample spreads from the printed report.
  • The six flagships each¬†had a page with brief descriptions of their activities. The Highlights could be expanded by scanning the QR code to go to a fuller explanation on the web. There were 18 full Highlights published on their site.
  • Back cover.
  • Samples of the web-based Highlight PDFs (below).
  • Each flagship with its highlights used a color coding system to reinforce the groupings of the three highlights within the flagships.
  • A pop-up banner and a postcard were also produced to promote the release of the report.