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    To develop a creative solution for local photographer and filmmaker, Douglas Johnstone, who now uses the persona "JohnstoneMedia" following an overhaul on his brand image. He wanted to follow a more professional and direct route, instead of using his full name. 

    The chosen idea was based on the basic terminology of media and video. Using a rewind button to represent how Douglas's photographs and films can remind people of memories or special occasions. This was built by establishing a range of patterns that felt interactive, but still linked with the purpose of the brand. The whole concept was started by exploring the letters J and M to create a mark that would help incorporate this creative direction. 

    Credits & Extras
    Design & Strategy: Jacob Ham.
    Creative Direction: Jacob Ham & Douglas Johnstone (JohnstoneMedia).
    Production: Jacob Ham.
    Copywriting: Jacob Ham.
    Photography: Douglas Johnstone (JohnstoneMedia).
    Editing: Jacob Ham & Douglas Johnstone  (JohnstoneMedia).

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