Branding - Perrot & Cie

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    Perrot & Cie
    Créateur de belles peintures depuis 1946

    It's 1946. Louis Perrot is a young man passionate about color. He opened a workshop for the manufacture of paints and coatings for painters, rue Jules Vallès in Paris. Louis Perrot quickly builds a reputation as an excellent colorist. He advises the painters and the All Paris in the choice of their colors of paintings. It is also forging a good reputation abroad: its colors symbolize the "Art de vivre à la Française". Perrot & Cie is reborn in 2019 by offering high quality paintings, made exclusively in France.

  • Verrines & Typography
    L'Art de vivre à la française

    As a tribute to the French way of life, often linked to gastronomy, all 30 cl Perrot & Cie sample jars are veritable glass verrines, a must-have container in most French homes. As for typographic and graphic work, it refers to the Parisian storefronts of the 50s.

  • How to choose his harmonies of colors when one is not called Monet, Renoir or Gauguin?Well, calling on Monet, Renoir or Gauguin! The colorist designer Jean-Gabriel Causse has choose 10 colors on 10 impressionist paintings, 100 beautiful colors for walls, ceilings and woodwork.

  • Swatches
    Harmonies Impressionnistes

    A color chart composed of the colors of the greatest colourists of all time: The Impressionists. Let yourself be guided by our colorful harmonies.1 Corot, 3 Monet, 2 Renoir, 1 Van Gogh, 2 Degas, 1 Gauguin: 10 colors per table, or 100 colors on the color chart.

  • Merchandising
    Cutting boards to present the colors

    As an accompaniment to verrines, the Perrot & Cie colors are presented on real wooden boards, like the cutting boards that adorn our kitchens. The colors in perfect harmonies are written on the back of each of them.

  • Collaboration
    Au fil des couleurs

    Passionate about artistic collaborations, the brand proposes associations of theme and colors between Perrot & Cie Paintings and Wallpapers Over colors.

  • Collaboration
    Louis Bolin & Jean-Gabriel Causse

    A performance by photographer Liu Bolin and color designer Jean-Gabriel Causse.

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    Art Direction : Jean-Gabriel Causse  -  Graphic Design : Studio Ellair  -  ​​​​​​​Photography : Ding