• The Instituto Cumbres A.C is an institution with a comprehensive educational proposal for Preschool, Primary and Secondary students that promotes a warm, collaborative and professional learning environment, guiding students to be excellent, responsible and capable of transforming the environment. In 2018 they decided to create a manual that would reflect the main values of the institute, complementing it with graphics aimed at both students and parents.

    The information within the manual is organized by hierarchy in order to make the topics easy to read. Inspired by institutional values, simple illustrations were developed so that children and parents could understand the content and the foundations of the school in the best possible way.

    The manual is divided into four chapters: the history of the Institute, the policies and methodologies, the regulation, and the evaluation method. Each chapter has its own cover which presents specific graphic elements that depict the topics and information presented. Each cover is different from the others but a large number is always present in each one of them; this number connects the illustrations in order to highlight the unity and diversity of the institution.

    On the last page a consent paragraph was added to allow both, students and parents, to be aware of the rules of the institution but at the same time feel part of the Instituto Cumbres A.C community.

    Created with illustrations and icons that harmoniously show the creative and education-oriented side of the Instituto Cumbres A.C.; this editorial piece is the solution designed by the studio in response to the request of the school: expose the rules of the institute to generate a sense of belonging to it.

    Erika Múzquiz

    Mariela Gómez
    Paulina Álvarez

    Mario Campos