Studio Lore

  • Studio Lore is an Amsterdam creative studio of artists and writers from classical and non-traditional narrative backgrounds. 

    Ever since humans discovered fire, we’ve gathered around flames to tell stories. Flame and fable stir something powerful deep within all of us. Harnessing this power, Studio Lore, ignites modern day campfires, stoking conversation with stories that transcend race, culture, and creed. The new company needed a visual identity to express this idea. 

    Basically, lore, is ancient word of mouth, so we took as main inspiration the sound of spoken word. To represent orality graphically, we decided to take the phonetic language, a universal system that opens language up to everyone, as our visual and written tool. We used the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to form the foundation of this dynamic typographic visual identity that mixes regular characters with phonetic ones. We collaborated with typographer, Lucas Sharp developing a bespoke 53 characters phonetic alphabet that were applied across the brand identity.

  • Agency: Studio Lore
    Photographers: Bart Oomes / Jonathan Krijgsman / Douglas Guillot / Matthew Thorne
    Typography development: Sharp Type / Dinamo

    Role ⟶ Art direction & design

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