• Business Class Tarot is an original Tarot for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking greater success. 
    Beautiful, surreal images bring Tarot’s ancient wisdom into our modern world. Includes 78-card deck & illustrated guide.

    Creative field: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Editorial, Card design
    Production Design: Studio Juli-ette
    Photography Styling: Juliette Kim
    Photography Assistance: Pavel Konstantinov

    Designer/Writer: Anthony Dobranski
    Artist/Creative Director: Jamin Hoyle

    Year: 2018– 2019

  • We were struck by their beautiful use of color, their elegant layouts and their intuitive visual symbols. They accommodated a late-stage decision to double the guidebook. We were always impressed by their talent and professionalism. Look to Studio Juli-ette for stylish, high-end visual and production design!

    - Anthony Dobranski (Creator of Business Class Tarot)
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    Welcome to Studio Juli-ette. We are an internationally operating design studio! 
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    Мы приветствуем клиентов из России и предлагаем услуги разработки дизайна!

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