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    To kick start the launch of our studio, we created ourselves an identity that feels personal and reflected what we represent. After 4 months of going back and forth with ideas, different colours, different websites and over analysing everything we created, we’re finally happy with the outcome.

    Our branding is designed to be flexible, clean and organised all at the same time. Created around our logo which symbolises the two key initials in our name, the A and the H. We created a personal mark that allowed them change between different lockups, giving us more flexibility, when it came to making animations or working with smaller spaces. The project spanned across both print and digital design allowing the studio to run effectively when communicating with clients.

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    Credits & Extras
    Creative Direction: Jacob Ham
    Strategy: Jacob Ham
    Copywriting: Jacob Ham
    Design & production: Jacob Ham
    Animation: Jacob Ham
    Typography: Jacob Ham
    Web development: Jacob Ham

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