Crumbs Journal № I

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    "Then life itself will have the shape of bread, deep and simple, immeasurable and pure."
    Pablo Neruda  —  An Ode to Bread
  • Crumbs Journal No. I “Crumbs” — kindled by the creation of crumbs and its source — the humble loaf of bread, 
    Crumbs Journal No. I dedicates the exploration of depth, warmth and transformation on one of the oldest prepared foods in the world. 
    In this season, we travel through many forms of homes that has gathered our bellies and spirits together, sharing stories on 
    how bread is more than just sustenance but an intimate medium that has taught us patience, resilience and love.

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    Design: Ayse Sismanoglu
    Copywriting: Miza Ahmad Qadir Firdaus

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