New York Magazine, Summer Wine Pairings

  • New York Magazine, Summer Wine Pairings
  • Editorial Illustration

    I worked with the New York staff to create the artwork for this article, “The Right Wine for 5 Summer Activities: Make better choices, at least when it comes to wine,” written by Stephanie Danler, ahead of the Season 2 premiere of the Starz adapation of her book, Sweetbitter.

    The artwork has a rough, hand-drawn illustration and lettering quality that pairs well with the messy, charcoal lettering of the book and show’s title. It also uses a single pop of color — the book and the show’s warm, peachy color — to carry through all of the illustrations. Each illustration shows the scene that the article is referencing (a picnic in the park, for example, for a sparkling wine), and features an elegant hand-lettered and classically detailed wine label with that activity — almost like each summer activity becomes the wine label itself.

    Thank you to the entire New York Magazine team for working on this project!
  • Credits
    Art Director: Jon Varriano, Kristina DiMatteo
    Illustrator: Russell Shaw
  • A Bonfire on the Beach pairs with Rioja
  • A Picnic in the Park pairs with Sparkling Wine
  • Working with such a limited color palette can be a lot of fun when you create patterns like stripes and plaids out of just one color.
  • A Pool Day pairs with Rosé
  • Concept Sketches