New York Magazine, Holiday Maps

  • New York Magazine, Holiday Maps
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Interactive, hand-drawn maps that follow seven of New York’s friends and staff around the city as they share their favorite holiday destinations and shops to celebrate the season.

    I worked with the New York team to create a series of seven illustrated maps showcasing the best shops, restaurants, destinations and more in New York City during the holiday season, according to seven New Yorkers.

    When viewing the article online, each location on the map was a clickable element to load more information about that stop along the guide’s route. The maps sometimes individually focused on certain areas of Manhattan, but sometimes spanned really wide parts of the city – which created an interesting challenge of figuring out how to truncate the distance between stops and visually jump from neighborhood to neighborhood.

    Thank you to the entire New York Magazine team for working on this project!
  • Credits
    Art Director: Sam Kim
    Illustrator: Russell Shaw