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  • Resy's City Guides
  • Illustration
  • The Resy editorial team reached out asking to collaborate on some artwork for the headers of two new city guides they were launching, in Boston and in Chicago. Together we worked on this concept of these cool, 3D, hand-lettered and hand-painted blocky letters of each city’s name, floating around in this soup of drawings of recognizable cultural objects and places that celebrate each city.

    Thank you to the Resy editorial and design team for bringing me along!
  • Other Concepts

    Here are a couple of illustrations for Chicago and for Boston from the concept exploration phase that didn’t make the cut. I thought it’d be really interesting to take these 3-D blocky letters and really add a lot more texturing and depth to them, as well as to a flood of city illustrations around them – so that the result is this full-color, maze of Chicago and Boston cultural icons all swirled together in the canvas area.

    I’m happy with where the finals landed, but thought it’d be worthwhile to let these concept rounds see the light of day as well!