CASA MACCARI Cultural Center Identity

    Cultural center


    Il Polo Culturale di Casa Maccari è lo spazio culturale della città di Gradisca d’Isonzo, sito nel centro storico cittadino.
    Uno spazio di studio, lettura, informazione, apprendimento, ma anche di visione, scoperta, gioco e divertimento.
    Abbiamo progettato l’identità visiva e il sistema di segnalazione dell’intera struttura. Il logo rappresenta un libro aperto in prospettiva stilizzato. La forma del libro in oltre è stata progettata in modo da rappresentare anche la "C" e la “M” di Casa Maccari.


    Casa Maccari is the cultural space of the city center of Gradisca d’Isonzo, located in the north east of Italy. A space for study, reading, information knowledge, learning, but also for vision, discovery, play and fun. We have designed the visual identity and the wayfinding system for the entire structure. The logo represents an open book in a stylized perspective. The shape of the book in addition was designed so as to represent the "C" and the "M" of Casa Maccari.


    The structure is developed over four floors, and each floor has a different activity space. Such as the library, the museum, the conference room. We decided to decompose the logo in 4 different variations to differentiate each space.


    We designed all the icons used in every signage of the building. The aim was consistency between every element of the identity, so the icons were designed keeping in mind the logo style and the outline size.


    The system combines signage, symbols, colors, and other communications.
    The aim was to create a comprehensive, clear and consistent visual communication system with concise messaging, removing unnecessary elements to create a clear visual environment.


    We wanted the museum to communicate with the public without any distraction. ​​​​​​​
    The design is clean, the purpose was having public displays for the education, study and enjoyment,  in the service of society and its development.