Coffee Junkie Branding

  • Coffee Junkie Branding
  • Coffee Junkie is a small, stylish cafe in Vienna, a favorite place of creative urban youth. Typical visitors work or live nearby; they are interested in contemporary art, literature, fashion, cinema, music.

  • In order to offer the perfect solution for the identity, we needed to get take a closer look at the visual urban language of the modern city of Vienna. Despite the existing tourist stereotypes, the Austrian capital was by no means bored and refined. We found that contemporary art is very much appreciated here. And such conservative institutions as museums, universities, libraries look stylish and futuristic. And even the institutions located in beautiful old palaces use modern and youth stylistics for their communications.
  • So, inspired by themes such as URBAN, CREATIVE, ART, we could not ignore the theme of urban graffiti, all the more so, because it fits organically with the hipster and humorous "Coffee Junkie" name, as well as the style and intonation of our brand.