Social Video Marketing

  • Extremely quick and incredibly low-budget social video marketing campaign tactic developed to promote a partnership with UNC-TV. This limited web series was a pitch that grew into a development opportunity for our administrative assistant.

    The video was shot using an iPhone. The title sequence was written, arranged and sung by my copywriter. One co-host was the administrative assistant and the other co-host was our lobbyist. The set was the home of our communications specialist and the figs came from my garden.

    The series was developed specifically for our social media channels to promote our sponsorship and premiere of UNC-TV's A Chef's Life as well as the book launch of Deep Run Roots. A Chef's Life features celebrity chef and author Vivian Howard who operates a well-known restaurant in Kinston, North Carolina, a public power community. 

    The web series won several awards from the North Carolina chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, the Southern Economic Development Council and the American Public Power Association. It also gave our administrative assistant, who was incredibly helpful to my creative team, a boost of personal creative confidence.