• Wunderkammer

    M A R C O   G O R A N   R O M A N O   S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N

    An itinerant artistic project that investigates
    the cognitive processes that anticipate the creative act.

    Wunderkammer is a German expression for cabinet of curiosities. The exhibition takes the name from the praxis — spread during the sixteenth century and evolved during the next two centuries — carried on by the aristocracy, who consecrated whole rooms to cataloguing and recording unique objects from around the world.

    However, the artworks designed for this exhibition, can be seen as a travel through the artist’s hyperuranion: the place where immanent ideas give life to his illustrations. Marco Goran Romano, playing the role of the Renaissance collector, open the doors to his personal “Wunderkammer”. He brings the viewer to the farthest corners of his mind and makes him an active subject of this dreamlike experience.

    The exhibition was conceived as a traveling artistic project where new artworks were added on each stage.
    It was rolled out in January 2018 during FRESH Festival in Lugano (CH), then the exhibition moved to Rome, hosted by Studio Pilar, and ended up its journey in Ancona at Contemporaneo. 

  • The Exhibition
    L U G A N O   —   R O M E   —   A N C O N A

  • All the artwork are for sale.
    If you want to by a print you can visit www.goranfactory.bigcartel.com