88 Cups of Tea

  • '88 Cups of Tea' Rebranding

    A podcast community founded by Yin Chang, featuring conversations that inspire, empower, and deeply resonate with writers and storytellers.

    Creative field: Logo Design, Social Media Design, Illustration 

  • • Logo and Color Palette
    88 Cups of Tea is a podcast community for storytellers. As a celebration for their fourth birthday, they decided to rebrand their community. Studio Juli-ette collaborated with Yin Chang, the founder of 88 Cups of Tea for this rebranding project. For the logo, they wanted the design to be more versatile and simpler. It needed to be memorable and able to work in both color and greyscale. We developed a minimalistic logotype with a subtle representation of stacked books hidden in the letter E. For the brand color palette, we chose to use a vivid color palette to represent the community's joyful personality and diversity.   

  • • Social Media Design — Instagram Post Templates / Story Templates / Story Highlight Icons / Custom GIF stickers

  • • Brand Illustration— Just like the logo, custom illustration for the community needed to be memorable, creative and symbolic. What do you see? Cups? Rainbow? Smiles? What about talking mouths? :D

    Thank you!