THNDR BOLT - Il Mucchio Selvaggio Magazine

  • I L   M U C C H I O   S E L V A G G I O   M A G A Z I N E

    In 2017 we had the honour to work, under the art direction of Francesca Pignataro, on the restyling of Il Mucchio Selvaggio Magazine, the oldest (and boldest) Italian music magazine. A brand new font for titling was designed, aiming to represent the new soul of the magazine, its modern look, its freshness.
    The result is an overbearing typeface inspired from the typography of 70s / 80s music fanzine like Damaged Goods, Punkture or some openings of ZIG ZAG (just to name a few).
    An edgy sans serif without curves nor contrast. A typeface reclaiming its space in the contemporary music scene.