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    The supply of good quality water to our bathrooms is necessary to maintain a healthy living condition. Except that today, the quality of the water delivered to our taps and its content varies greatly from one city to another, and according to the data, even from one neighborhood to another.

    In collaboration with Stok Labs, a New York City-based company, Miio Studio designed and developed a solution to address this problem. Let us introduce you VAND, The World's First Custom Shower Purifier, easy to install and use, which not only takes care of your hair and skin but also feeds your body with nutrients your metabolism needs.

    VAND is a double-module water purification system. It therefore operates in two stages:

    The subtractive module purifies your water and all the polluting particles it contains (harmful minerals, chemicals, plastic particles, bacteria, viruses). The water is immediately purified and passes directly into the second additive module which diffuses into your clean water the vitamins and minerals your body needs. VAND is an alternative to all the artificially processed products that we have been applying every day to our hair and skin for decades when we shower.

    « When should you replace the cartridges of filter and vitamins? »
    The outer surface of the VAND is covered with a layer of thermochromic paint,
    which allows the product to become transparent once the warm water circulates inside.

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