Molder & Skin

  • Molder & Skin is a private functional plastic surgery clinic, specialized in cosmetics and body aesthetics in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León. 

    The name of the brand is built to express two concepts; the first one is the name of two expert characters in plastic surgery (Molder) and (Skin) who humanize and represent the face of the clinic. The second concept talks about "the craftsman who is responsible for molding the skin". In this way the setting of the brand changes and shows us this discipline as the only one that has the power to modify the aesthetics of the human body; the artisan (molder) and the raw material (skin) with which art is created.

    The monogram is formed from subtle curves and straight lines showing the initials M and S. These details rescue the silhouettes of the body and simulate the details of the skin with the institutional color.Created with the perfect balance between the technique of plastic surgery and the human side reflected in skincare.

    The brand is functional taking care of aesthetics with the aim of positioning Molder & Skin as one of the most specialized aesthetic solutions clinics in Nuevo León.

    Julián Iñiguez

    Julián Iñiguez