• Revolutionizing the recruitment payment processing industry!

    When I met HirePay, I saw incredibly progressive potential and truly new solutions that are changing the very essence of the recruitment industry, not only in Australia but around the world. The opportunity to directly influence key recruitment processes around the world, to give major players new financial opportunities, to get the best employees, to save money and to become obviously useful in one of the key pillars of the business - the formation of a successful and efficient team that will lead the company to new victories.
    With only the concise name of the company and the importance of the task, I had to express the essence of the business to millions of executives of large corporations, businessmen, and professionals in the recruitment of staff with many years of experience, explain the undeniable benefits of cooperation, and talk about the goals and opportunities.

    The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. At this point, all the company's processes are coordinated, clients are supported, and ambitious goals and changes are achieved. The team members have extensive experience in building a financial business, a clear vision and understanding of the challenges and managing large financial flows.

    The new HirePay identity is simple, concise, clean and recognizable. It successfully operates in Oceania and around the world and conveys an understanding of modernity, reliability and professionalism.

  • Buy now and pay later
    The basic concept is instead of getting the hiring company to pay for financing terms (e.g. interest on a loan/ credit card), the fintech business gets the recruiter to pay a fee.
    Recruiters are more affordable and competitive with Hirepay so they get more work, thus are willing to pay a fee.

    A focus on helping the recruitment space
    Small to medium enterprises have constant cashflow issues as is evidenced by the demand for small business lenders.
    Recruitment is the best space to play in because companies that are hiring, are growing and have capital - distressed borrowers are naturally filtered out.

  • Solution
    The recognizable HirePay graphics solution is based on a circle. A concise and minimalistic image refers to the main areas of the company's activities. The circle symbolizes the image of the coin (payments), the idea of working around the world (the planet). Also the circle is a kind of recognizable marker when used in the design of text, advertising titles, photos and other things. The composition consists of three main harmoniously interacting colors - bright yellow, dark grey and white. The purity of the color scheme indicates the transparency of the company's activities, gives rise to emotions and feelings of reliability, stability and professionalism.

  • Visual communication of the brand is based on humanity and sensitivity, and a respectful but informal tone has been formulated that emphasizes the care and interest of the employee towards the client. In line with the new vision, specific speech forms have been developed and messages have been developed on key topics, including social media.

  • Result
    The new visual brand identification gave a positive result in the communication environment and contributed to the comprehensive development of the company. International clients stressed the friendliness of perception, openness to dialogue, balanced emotional background helped the company to take a recognizable and weighty position in the market, becoming an unacceptable part of the recruitment industry.