Sun Microsystems 2008 SunRise Event

  • Sun Microsystems
    SunRise Event 2008

    creative approach:
  • Event Branding and Conference Stage Setup
  • All Things Interactive.
    Developing WAP, SMS communications, Text-to-Vote and screen capabilities along with on-site mobile support. In the end, over 1,000 Nokia E71’s were configured, personalized and distributed with more than 62k text messages exchanged.

  • Custom designed and branded phone applications
  • Event phone basic manual: Quick animated tour of how the Nokia phone and the custom applications work.

  • Phone to muti-media wall text messaging
  • Directional Event Signage
  • Directional Event Signage
  • Exterior Decoration - Hotel
  • Exterior Decoration - Hotel
  • Pre-Trip Elements
  • On-Site Welcome Package
  • Branded Beach Towel and Sandels
  • Table Number Displays
  • Menu
  • Staff Wearable
  • Guest Wearable
  • Event Awards