• Miel Sagrada Maya

    The wisdom of the Mayan people is a treasure of knowledge and sensitivity, a treasure that has been preserved lovingly to this day. A rich legacy of experiences and insights, one that holds invaluable lessons for all times. A medical philosophy that treats both the body and the soul, the person and the world, as a whole. 

  • Miel Sagrada Maya, by Beecheii, is a brand conscious of value of this legacy and the responsibility it entails. It is a minimal, clear, and honest brand, like the honey it represents. The color palette is inspired by nature itself, lively green like the jungle the Mayan bees call home, and warm gold like its honey. These colors, the colors of earth, provide the perfect frame for a direct and deep design, one that pays homage to the value of those things that are natural, direct, simple. The design uses organic lines that give themselves to the joy of color and memory, an aesthetic combination that empowers pollen and touch, that invigorates skin. A design made by hand for other hands, like the heritage that preserved the craft of the sacred honey.

  • Photography: Isabella Giussani