U.S. Army Top Fuel Paint Scheme

  • U.S. Army Top Fuel Paint Scheme
    Photos by Rick Meoli, Auto Imagery, and Momentum. Hand painted dragster and helmet by Steve Dekkenga.

    Designing the paint scheme for U.S. Army’s 2018 Top Fuel season was such an honor. Inspired by U.S. Army vehicles and gear, the M18-TFV (Model 18 Top Fuel Vehicle) was engineered for advanced performance and stealth. Along with the M18-TFV, I had the pleasure of designing the helmet, fire suit, hero card, a few trailers, a tow car, crew shirts and hats, and other elements as well.

    I also had an opportunity to be a panelist for NHRA’s YES Program, sitting alongside U.S. Army Top Fuel driver, Tony Schumacher, and a U.S. Army Soldier. We spoke to approximately 2,500 students about the importance of mentorship, goal setting, and our career paths. Later that night, thanks to Mike Lewis (SVP of DSR and the YES Program’s MC), I was interviewed by a reporter with FOX Sports.