REMY Architect´s. Branding + Conceptual Book.

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    Remy Architect´s
    Branding + Conceptual Book

    Andrés Remy commissioned us to conceptualize his work through an editorial piece.
    The project was developed through a detailed tour of his works, the atmosphere of the study and dialogues with the work team. After several analytical meetings we found that the architectural expressions of the Remy study had 2 major axes. →🆃 The most important one responds to how each case works, each design responds to the order and seeks to give it a great personality of its own. 🆅🆅 The second is how water takes center stage in each work, enhancing its discourse and making the housing experience more sophisticated.
    Consequently, our work responded to his identity as a tailor who designed each case and an iconographic development highlighting the water in each architectural work of the studio.

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