Menaud - Custom Bottle Design & Brand Identity

    Custom Packaging (Industrial Design), and Brand Identity

    Custom industrial designed bottles from conceptualization to production, in every elegant detail, and brand identity design for a series of custom crafted spirits. Designed with the intention of creating an object of desire, to keep long after the last drop.
                    The green hue nods to the brand's roots in the lush forested region of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada and stands original against traditionally light category codes. The cigar tag closure, a true code of luxury, is broken once to signify a moment well earned.
                     An international production featuring a wooden cap made in Italy. Glass body made in Asia. Printing in Canada. Production managed in-house and with the stunning assistance of Berlin-based Bruni Glass.
  • Menaud represents declaration of ambition from the start, to its underbelly, absolutely no detail is spared.
  • TEAM
    Client Partner: Menaud
    Design Director: Justin Lortie
    Graphic Designer: Olivier Laporte
    Industrial Designer: Olivier Raymond
    Art Direction: Justin Lortie  
    Strategist: Sarah Di Domenico
    Production: Wedge, Bruni Glass
    Photographer: Nik Mirus