Gojira Beer Project

  • Gojira Beer
    Supreme Monster Brew
  • Attending the 2013 ADIM Conference in Boulder, CO was a blast! One of the projects we worked on was a concept based on the theme "Monster Beer". The objective was to put to use some of the new techniques learned at the conference to conceptualize, design and produce a branded beer identity.

    We were given about 12 real, quality hours to work on this project onsite. Before attending we were encouraged to give the project some thought and come to the conference ready to rock and roll. I decided to pay homage to my favorite sci-fi creature growing up - Godzilla, or as he was originally known as: Gojira. (Can't wait for the new movie!)

    You'll notice some Japanese characters exist in the work. Apologies if the Google translation is a bit inaccurate but I did a good amount of searching for proper characters during the development. Everything you see here is 100% original art which began with sketches and soon became a mad dash to finish alongside about a hundred other folks.

    I had lots of fun with this project and learned a great deal about the production of such merchandise as well.


    Instagram: @ericimagines
  • Gojira Bottle Neck Label
  • Gojira Beer Labels printed on a Roland wide format printer. That's silver metallic ink! 
  • Laser Cut Gojira Beer Case (Cut onsite at the ADIM Conference in Boulder by the guys with Universal Laser Systems.)
  • Yes, that's an engraved Gojira Beer glass and yes the beer was consumed shortly after this shot.
  • The amount of detail captured by the laser cutting process is amazing. The type set below "Brewed in Japan" is a script typeface and completely legible in person.
  • My first sketch for the project.
  • Another concept based on "Space Godzilla". (And you thought "Earth Godzilla" was awesome.)