• Inkplant is a high-end tattoo studio located in San Pedro Garza García, created in 2013. The urge to renew its image in 2016 started from the necessities of a growing market with high expectations to obtain a high quality and sanitary service; offering a space away from conventional tattoo studios with relaxed and informal aesthetics.

    The logo resembles needles – the essential piece in the swivel and reel machines used in tattoo making– through sharp edges, becoming a reflection of the brand. The black and white palette makes references to the first tattoos that used black dyes on the skin.

    For the brand development we created different kind of packages according to the product: ink bottles with a color code that allows easy distinction, skincare products used for taking care of a fresh tattoo – revitalizing creams, moisturizing ointments–, and cosmetic products that help maintain the intensity of colors.

    With this full branding, our purpose was allowing out client to open the doors for a new segment of the market by dissociating for the conventional figures. Inkplant seeks to solve the needs of a demanding audience that the traditional tattoo studios don't.

    We designed a broad graphic approach that ranges from tattoos and implants services to skincare products.

    Julián Iñiguez

    Julián Iñiguez