Headshot Coffee Co.

  • Headshot Coffee Co.
  • The company turned to us with the task of developing a new brand, strategy and design system for coffee product line for retail. The main requirement was that the consumer has to have associations with key features of the product.

    We conducted a survey and described the target audience for which drinking coffee has a close connection to emotions and an active lifestyle. This is how Headshot Coffee Co. appeared, which is associated with the effect of the taste of high-class espresso. And the names in the product line develop and reinforce this concept.

  • Based on the brand strategy, we developed a system of verbal and visual identification of the brand, corporate identity and packaging.
    The brand logo font has a revolver stylized design, which makes the very “headshots”.

    Packaging design elaborates the selected legend and is a system of signs generated by the algorithm for each SKU, which contain basic flavor constants, grind size and degree of roasting.