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  • The School
  • The Fama Fraternitatis is the first pamphlet of an invisible brotherhood of the Rosy Cross published in 1614 by the circle of Tubingen students around Valentin Andreae. Their "youthful pranks and foolery", as Andreae later called them, had un-expected consequences. Shady charlatans everywhere declared their desire to join this wonderful college. Scholars like Rene Descartes and Robert Fludd tried to make contact, but in vain. "Our building shall remain inaccessible to the godless world,” as Fama has it. Schweighart advises the searcher to watch quietly in God and to pray tirelessly. Then a brother will announce himself, for they are able to read thoughts. After T. Schweighan, Speculum sophicum Rhodo-stauroticum, 1604