M&Co Perfume & Fragrances

  • The world’s first Champagne-inspired Fragrance Collection
    A combination of elegance, authenticity and luxury, Molsheim & Co’s Crystal collection is housed in four exquisite mini champagne bottles, embellished with bold jewel tones, featuring the most iconic scents of modern perfumery. It's not champagne, it's perfume.
    The New Fragrance.​​​​​​​

  • The Collection

    —It's not Champagne, it's Perfume.
    On a captivating, luxurious fragrant journey, we are given the opportunity to celebrate the evocative and enigmatic memories that have inspired each of the scents in this special private collection.

  • —The New Fragrance.
    Molshiem & Co. succeeds by its multifaceted aspects: from fashion to fragrances,
    from the pursuit of excellence & passion to a unique spirit of avant-gardism.

  • Molshiem & Co. family team together created an exclusive collection of luxury fragrances
    housed in four exquisite mini champagne bottles.

  • —Preliminary Packaging Process.

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     Branding, Packaging, Art Direction.
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