Carne™ Conceptual FOOD STYLE BRANDING.

  • Carne


    The project was inspired by the atmosphere of ancient butchers. The identity system was designed through an enveloping concept that starts from one form and emerges in multiple applications. The serif root typographic language emphasizes the classic story and its chromatic palette balances the result with a minimalist and contemporary feeling.

    A company of Cedisur™. Patagonia. Argentina.

  • Creative and art Director: Horacio Lardiés.
    Strategy and coordination: Luciana Cartolano, Patricio Kolar, Horacio Lardiés.
    Graphic Design. Luciano Geoffroy, Patricio Kolar, Horacio Lardiés.
    Illustrations: Anabella Cartolano, Fiorella Lachimia.

    Best, h3l™