Brain Cancer Biomarker: Circulating Mutant DNA

  • Brain Cancer Biomarker: Circulating Mutant DNA

    The Challenge
    Researchers at the University of Cincinnati needed an easy-to-understand presentation that would help explain their complex genetic research on brain tumors to a lay audience. Their pilot research study had shown tremendous promise. The Cincinnati team identified genetic abnormalities in individual GBM tumors and followed those abnormalities through the bloodstream by taking simple blood tests. Funding from local foundation grants was needed to continue the work and get the preliminary data that would allow them to then apply for a grant from the National Institutes of Health. This secondary study would seek to confirm the therapeutic value of tracking tumor DNA in the bloodstream to determine recurrence vs. tumor necrosis.

    The Design Products
    An infographic poster and PowerPoint presentation were developed for a lay audience. Our team provided speaker training and rehearsal with the scientists to fine-tune the messaging and complexity level necessary to communicate the science and the funding needs. The researchers delivered the 10-minute presentation to community foundations and successfully raised monies to proceed with the next phase of their research.

    Leveraging the Message
    We followed up with blog articles and web pages to maximize exposure of this cutting-edge research, to demonstrate the importance of continued funding, and to publicly thank donors and foundations for their support.
  • 10-minute PowerPoint presentation had to be compelling, but not so complex that it was "over the audience's head"
  • Blog article written to increase awareness and funding opportunities for this important research.