• Client : Typism Global Community Project Scope : Lettering  
    Location : Queensland, Australia Executive Editor : Dominique Falla
    Editorial Assistant : Kirsty Gordon Design & Layout : Monorail Design 
    Typism Logo : Colin Tierney Year : 2019

  • Typism is one of the biggest community of letterers, type lovers and calligraphers 
    in the world.Every year Typism makes an Open Call , with a judging panel that put 
    all the black & white artworks through a two-step shortlisting, selecting then the final 
    192 to be published. According to them, this book a curation of the best hand lettering, custom type, and calligraphy the world has to offer.

    I’m very grateful to be amongst so many talented artists from all around the world ! 

  • I am in a changing phase in my life and so I decided to portray this same 
    change in the artwork that I made exclusively for the open call of Typism.
    Wind of Change” was the slogan per say, which I drew being swept away
    by the different wind routes and added some leaves to reinforce the same 
    idea of swirl, representative of my emotions.

  • Thanks for watching