• I painted this character while ago inspired by a badass-looking person I saw at the Seattle pier. I painted several character heads just to practice and remembered this girl I saw the other day, and I tried to paint a character with the same vibe.

    I used lots of fun Photoshop brushes to create details, it was surprisingly fast considering it's been years since I last painted characters, thanks to handy brushes made by Maciej Kuciara and Jonas De Ro.

    It's all Photoshop from scratch except for the moon and bladed weapon, which I made by kit-bashing some gun photos and painting over.

    Twitter: @colorblindmess
    Instagram: @_colorblindmess
  • Here's a quick breakdown on how I used Photoshop brushes to create the characters textures without using any photographs, the character itself was all basically painted with an airbrush, and I added details little by little.