Euro-Vision Collaboration

  • A visual homage to the 2019 Eurovision competition.

  • The Euro-Vision project is a collaboration between 26 artists from all over Europe & the world to create our own interpretation and celebration of the renowned song competition, The Eurovision – Capitalizing on this year's Eurovision location, Israel, The Startup Nation - our theme was:

    Human & Machine

    Some look forward to technology’s innumerable advantages while others fear the progression of artificial intelligence could lead to our downfall. Whatever the case, its rapid evolution is no secret – especially in the start-up nation of Israel, where Eurovision will be held this year.

    Ranging from 3D animation to stop-motion, the artists were invited to visualize what it means for humans and machines to operate as one. Is it peaceful? Violent? Organic? Or a mix of everything? Whatever it is, we know that music can always bring us together as one. 

  • The Artists

  • The-Artery

  • Andi Iacob

  • Denmark

  • Russia

  • Azerbaijan

  • The-Artery

  • Norway

  • Ukraine

  • Poland

  • The-Artery

  • Spain

  • Israel

  • Nadav Meidan

  • Germany + Italy

  • Serbia

  • The-Artery

  • Norway

  • Armenia

  • Portugal

  • Switzerland

  • Australia

  • Agency, Production, and Post

    Collaborating Artists
    Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic
    Anastasia Kharchenko
    Andi Iacob
    Caroline Kjellberg
    Daniel Nahum
    Eduard Mykhailov
    João Figueiras
    Grace Casas
    Irene Feleo
    Kasper Pindsle
    Kristian Skogmo
    Laura Sirvent
    Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar
    Machina Infinitum
    Mihran Stepanyan
    Mike Voropaev
    Patrick Sluiter
    Ryan Morace
    Nadav Meiden
    Andrea Philippon
    Aline Sinquin

    Executive Creative Director
    Vico Sharabani

    Creative Director

    Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar

    The Soundery Sound Design

    Sound Design
    Patrick Henchman

     Aline Sinquin

    Executive Producer/Managing Director
    Deborah Sullivan

     Michael Elliot

  • Thank you!