• Resy is a restaurant-focused reservation platform that uses technology to imagine the future of hospitality. On the cusp of expansion to key cities like Chicago and Boston, Resy partnered with High Tide to refresh and broaden their existing identity. Centered around a modified version of the Resy signature box logo and a custom suite of illustrations from Jean Julien, we developed a playful, celebratory identity system that gave the brand dimension and worked seamlessly across both physical and digital worlds. The rebrand spanned from core brand elements such as the mark, supporting icons and color palette, to key brand touchpoints including campaigns, website, app, photography, events, swag and loyalty programs.

  • We developed a photography art direction that prioritized the experience of dining at a restaurant. One that feels casual, real, and above all, delicious.

  • Illustrations: Jean Julien / Photos: Meredith Jenks