All Lights Should Shine

  • All Lights Should Shine
  • China’s LGBT community still face substantial barriers to human rights. In China, those who discriminate against the LGBT community are conservative in thought. They believe that LGBT community is a group of psychopaths and moral degenerates. The Chinese authorities have not publicly supported the LGBT community, and the censorship of online audiovisual programs in China has become increasingly severe in recent years. To censors, LGBT community is obscene in itself, not the exposure of sexual organs on a show. The regulator described LGBT community as “the expression and display of abnormal sexual relationships and behaviors” and as pornographic and vulgar content. This erroneous spread misled most of the Chinese people. In China to spread the correct knowledge about LGBT community is necessary and very important, only the idea of error corrected, the Chinese public to accept LGBT community, a wider range of people gradually accept the presence of LGBT community in the world of objective facts, to promote the public’s perception of LGBT community such problems.