• Sakara

    Sakara, a wellness and lifestyle brand which offers curated, plant-based meal programs, challenges the entire notion of what healthy eating is by creating a movement of a diet-free, pro-abundance lifestyle.

    For the launch of their first campaign this January, RoAndCo created a bright, eye-catching set of images to cut through the post-holiday advertising in the midst of drab winter months. The hero image draws on the iconography of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and is paired with an artfully stacked, abstract tower of equally colorful produce. A supporting product image shows a bountiful meal—the tangible benefit of organic plant-based meals.

    In a time of year commonly associated with deprivation, the campaign bursts with vibrancy and community to promote well-being through abundant, beautiful plant-based meals. It's also a reminder that health doesn't need to mean making sacrifices to what we love to eat, or how we spend our time.

    Role Art Director
    Client Sakara
    Creative Director
    Roanne Adams
    Strategy Director
    Rebecca Angus-Smith
    Photographer Catherine Servel
    Food Stylist Alison Attenborough
    Prop Stylist Amy Elise Wilson
    Wardrobe Solange Franklin
    Makeup Seong Hee Park
    Hair Akihisa Yamaguchi
    Producer Bobby Kopp

  • Behind The Scenes

    Photographer Lianna Tarantin