Moneo: Monument of Spectres

  • 2019
    MONEO: Monument of Spectres
    Grad Thesis | Art Center College of Design

    Moneo began as an investigation into the life of (elderly) immigrants. I found that those uprooted from their context or land often suffered from a lack of affective binds that often translated into excessive enclosure, and that this form of self-protection, in turn, a desire for affective substitutes.

    Moneo is a digital, ever-changing, relocatable and surreal monument. It proposes a ‘substitute’ affective platform for those living in a foreign land along with a silenced past. Moneo reflects people’s memories, wishes, regrets, and any pieces of words from their past. Cast as typographic landscapes, Moneo transforms itself into “new lands”, subject to weathering, erosion, accumulation and geographical transport, which are the most important external forces shaping the earth.