Lettering tagline for Beijer Electronics


    Marcus Gyllander, Visual Communication Manager at Beijer Electronics, wanted a hand-drawn / lettering tagline as a complement to their logo. They had come up with a new tagline “People and Technology. Connected” that were supposed to put more focus on the employees at the company and secondary highlight the fact that most of their products are connected. To enhance that Beijer Electronics truly are a “people´s company” they wanted the new tagline to be lettered in a script that has a hand-drawn human feeling.

    Beijer Electronics wanted a clear contrast to their main logo so that the tagline does not compete visually with it.  I immediately understood that this would be a challenge to fit so much text in a small scale (when the tagline is used beneath the main logo) – so I already from start designed most options with replacing “and” with an ampersand to save some space. And I worked with narrow letters with large spacing to make sure it were legible in small sizes and at the same time did not take to much space horizontally.

    Lettering is a process – so first step was the create some initial different style and layout directions for the tagline. From feedback on those versions I enhanced the chosen style/layout in several steps until we had a versions that were both very legible in small size, and at the same time, character and a hand-letterered human feeling.

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