Warehouse District Mural

  • Warehouse District Mural


    I was commissioned by the Security Warehouse Lofts in Downtown Minneapolis to illustrate a vintage map of the Warehouse district from 1902, when the building was constructed. We referenced a vintage map from the University of Minnesota Library and the original blueprints for the building to construct a relatively accurate representation of the map in a graphic style that could be painted as mural inside their lobby. 

    The process stared by sketching out the map with an added section further north west so the condo building would be included. The final illustration was executed in photoshop and approved by the design committee before it was ready to be projected onto the wall, traced in charcoal, and then painted. The colors and metallic gold paint were applied first, followed by the black and blue line work. The mural measures 22.5 ft. x 10 ft. ​​​​​​​(6.8 m x 3 m).