Green Society Visual Identity

  • Green Society visual identity
  • Green Society is my brand & digital design practice. My aim for the visual direction was to be intentional, keep a neutral look that does not over shadow our creative work, and still be memorable & professional for our clientele. 
  • The mark incorporates letters 'g' & 's' to create a distinctive logo.
  • Fonts
  • For both our wordmark & for our slogan, Nobel was the prize. A popular Dutch typeface designed in the early 1900's, specifically used in print. 
    And for a contrasting typeface for business card details and other assets, Baskerville was chosen. A popular serif found in many print books, its an old-style typeface that suggests a mature feel.

    For our web presence I used the following typefaces: 
  • At our studio: "stay green, keep growing"
  • Web