Tribállis Visual Identity / Naming

  • Project Spec

    Tribállis is a traditional acai berry located in the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia. Naturally the brand deals daily with an audience that constantly seeks to be connected with the roots of their land, consuming the traditional Amazonian berry. One of the main differentials of the brand is in its product itself. Tribállis invests in inputs and offers a range of accompaniments, fruits and product variations greater and richer than most competitors.

    The audience that seeks the brand today are mostly young. Being located in a location near training centers and gyms, the public that seeks the brand usually does so because of the healthy appearance of the product. They are people who seek acai as a source of energy and also to stay healthy.With more than 10 years of market the brand today seeks to renew itself, follow the trends of the major centers, approach a young, connected and opinion-forming public. For this she needs to use strong visual elements, which are connected with the region and especially with the tradition of that land.

    Naming Process

    The challenge was to create a name that was regional, surprising and at the same time familiar. We did not want something that completely escaped the Amazonian origins. And most importantly, we didn´t want a descritive and ordinary name.

    As an accessible product, our concern was also that we did not create very elitist names. The name had to be friendly enough to approach a young audience, attuned and connected with its roots.

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