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    Understand your money in a more humane way
    Guiabolso is a personal financial guide that offers a smart way to perceive and exercise a healthy financial approach, using autonomy, transparency and trust as key components. The project was created with the mission of helping Brazilians have a better relationship with their finances. The business grew fast and our challenge was to boost the brand to keep up with that evolution.

    The first step was to understand the relationship of people with money and come up with insights to guide the strategy of the new brand.
    We found that there are a lot of people talking about money, but few people understand their own money. In practice each person has a proper way of spending, investing or keeping, and none of these ways is wrong. Knowing that, the brand positioning fills the gap to show that it is less about teaching to control money and more about helping people in their choices. Because in the end, the important thing about money is what you do with it.
    From this insight, we define a position aimed at those who want to understand and find the best way to live their own financial practices, defining attributes for the brand related to transparency, practicality and proximity. Guiabolso is the ideal tool to help those who want to evolve and put their financial lives on the right track.
    With the positioning defined, we start with the verbal identity of the Guiabolso. When the subject is money, one thing is certain: the subject is a taboo. One does not speak, or speak strictly about the exact side of money. Creating the verbal identity of Guiabolso was exactly about that. Understand that money is anything but an exact subject. Very aligned with the application's proposal - helping people live their own financial lives better - brand language was committed to educating the consumer and making money a more human issue.
    Also inspired by the brand's positioning, the visual identity reinforces the intention to build a graphic system that helps the path of those who want to understand more about money, proposing a simple, intuitive narrative that can translate the main attributes of the brand’s personality.
    From the new symbol to the new colors, we were committed to break with the traditional category codes, resulting in an unlikely and surprising graphic, bold, intelligent and 100% digital speech.

    Project by Interbrand São Paulo
    Designers: Amanda Macedo, Danilo Toledo, Felipe Chatah and Marcelo Siqueira.
    Illustrator: Marcelo Siqueira.
    Motion Designers: Fábio Santana and Ronaldo Vidal.
    Creative Manager: Gil Bottari.
    Creative Director: Sergio Cury.
    Strategy team by: Interbrand SP