Trump Discourse Analysis: Zine

  • An ongoing publication project investigating a selection of speeches from Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign. This project uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing models to identify, colour-code, and analyze the rhetoric, syntax, sentiment and logic in each speech. The textual analysis results in the development of ‘terministic screens,’ a concept ~originated by Kenneth Burke in his 1965 article of the same title. Terministic screens are conceptual vocabularies and linguistic features used to name and interpret the world. In a away, these screens~ show us particular aspects of reality over other aspects of reality. By using specific words and their respective connotations, it is possible to analyze an individual’s worldview and therefore the reality in which a person operates. 
    Through code-based algorithms, and the resultant terministic screens, this zine aims to make visible the subjects Mr. Trump focused on during his candidacy run, as well as the issues, messages, and style that his supporter base connects with.
    dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
    paper stock: xerox ivory 80gsm
    edition of 20

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