Educating Girls And Ending Child Marriage: A Priority

  • Educating Girls And Ending Child Marriage: A Priority For Africa
    Data visualization is an effective way to convey non-profit organization's message and ideas. With the purpose of education and storytelling, the visual elements including infographics, charts, and maps in reports can help the audiences understand the background information and highlight the useful information more efficiently. 
    Case Study: The original report "THE COST OF NOT EDUCATING GIRLS EDUCATING GIRLS AND ENDING CHILD MARRIAGE: A PRIORITY FOR AFRICA" was published by The world Bank in 2018. Reviewing the original report published by the World Bank, I found the information was powerful and inspiring, however it needs a more effective and attractive visual communication design. Hence I decided to redesign this report. I highlighted the major information and the vital ideas from the original report, and reset the visual communication strategy. Hope this project with high-quality data visualization can inspire the non-profit organizations. A better visualization can attract more attentions from the public and influence more people.
    (Note: This is a personal (self-directed) project.)