The Drawing Room & Bar at St. Regis Hong Kong

  • The St Regis Hong Kong lobby is made up by the two outlets: Drawing room and the St Regis bar, which share the space at some point during the day. We developed an identity that would reflect the transformation with time using colours as the main visual motif. The four periods of the day - lunch, afternoon tea, violet hour and a bar at night get represented with their own colour which is carefully chosen accordingly to the level of natural light which is generously provided by large windows of the space. The theme of the sun position during the day is also explored with the radiant patterns of fine lines inspired by the interior.

    The St Regis bar identity amplifies the main theme of interconnection of Hong Kong and New York with a pattern representing iconic elements of both cities transportation systems. This graphical treatment is build on a principal of ‘’connecting dots’’ and creates a symbol that unifies all solutions for any applications of the brand: food menu, beverage menu, cocktail menu, afternoon menu, a set of business cards and a corkage box.