Making Waves Swim School branding

  • Making Waves Swim School
    After 25 years in business and with a new facility under construction, the family-owned business was looking to revitalize its brand identity that stood out amongst its competition. Wanting to stay true to is grassroots of care, passion and enthusiasm, they asked us to help design an identity that created excitement and confidence. 

    When Making Waves first approached us to help with the redesign of their brochure, they were simply looking to transition from an outdated design style to something more fresh and modern. However, we soon identified issues with their collateral due to the lack of a defined identity system and style guide. We immersed the team into brand strategy which allowed us to identify major pain points with the current identity leading to a full rebrand that focused on their goals for revamping their visual communication. 

    Since the logo was deeply rooted to the history and story of the brand, we decided to hone in on the uniqueness of the old mark and clean it up so that the curves and negative space became fluid and balanced. Their old logo was only used in one lockup format which didn’t conform well with the variety of applications it was being used in. So we created additional lockups along with a new wordmark to support the refined Making Waves icon.

    We redesigned their entire system to work fluidly across all touchpoints, including an exciting colour palette, typography, custom icons and wayfinding and environmental design to match the voice and tone of the brand. We worked closely with interior designer Leanne Kelly to ensure the new facility experience was on brand resulting in a vibrant and fun environment for both parents and kids which is at the heart of their core values.

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